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        salary and welfare

        Special incentive

          The company will give incentives and rewards to the effective suggestions or promotion of the company's system operation and management, andto the corresponding improvement.

        Fair and just salary adjustment mechanism

          In the middle and end of the year, a job level certification will be carried out, and employees will apply for certification according to their ability growth, and new salary will be determined after passing the certification.

        Rich welfare structure

          In addition to five insurances and one fund (social security, employer's commercial insurance, provident fund, etc.), we also have bonus, communication subsidy, Spring Festival subsidy, etc.


          1. Clothing allowance for entry

          2. Provide dress training for different occasions


          1. The canteen provides rich three meals a day for free

          2. Fruit for lunch and vegetable salad for dinner

          3. There are snack room and beverage room in the office building


          1. Housing subsidies

          2. Provide high quality and low price dormitories / Apartments

        That's ok

          1. Shuttle transportation

          2. There is a car borrowing system to provide car borrowing service

        Sy3 concept y (entertainment)

          The company supports you to carry out long-distance travel after work every year  And short distance tourism, and provide tourism consulting support for this purpose.

        Sy3 concept y (Sport)

          1. A special gymnasium is set up to provide a public treadmill and a mute Bell and other fitness equipment;

          2. Regularly organize basketball, table tennis and other activities according to the needs of employees  Ask for an external teacher to teach swimming, jazz dance, etc;

          3. Group construction activities of the company once or twice a year;

        Sy3 concept s (sleep)

          1. McDonnell hopes to ensure a good rest environment for every employee and provide a lunch break room;

          2. The office area is equipped with a leisure area and snacks. When you are tired, it is recommended that you leave your work status temporarily and rest and relax properly;

        Y (Nutrition) of sy3 concept

          1. Provide physical examination twice a year;

          2. Equipped with a special health manager to provide health assessment, guidance, contact and arrange medical resources for colleagues;

        High frequency

          Small activities and meals that are intensive to the week can be fully displayed

          Your ideas and ideas;


          Internal irregular arrangement of long-distance tourism, hot spring, barbecue Diversity of concerts, movies, hiking, expansion, parties, etc Activities.


          1. Rationalization: enjoy legal holidays and paid annual leave;

          2. Humanization: 1-2 days of paid personal leave every month, and female employees enjoy paid physiological leave every month;

          3. Flexible: the process of asking for leave is simple.

        Carefree and carefree

          1. Provide regular physical examination for your spouse and parents;

          2. The company has professional legal affairs to provide legal consultation for employees;

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